My journey to live a more natural, holistic life started in 2013 when I was faced with some health issues.

I first started with nutrition and then moved to cleaning the chemicals out of my skin and home care products.


During my research, I made some shocking discoveries. I remember looking at some of my skincare products and wondering why there needs to be 15 to 20 ingredients, all which I struggled to pronounce. That’s when I started to purchase "natural/organic" and I quickly became frustrated with that too. We have all wondered what is “organic”, what is “natural" and can we trust it? As I was making these changes in my life, I was realizing all these so called "natural/organic" products still had questionable ingredients; ingredients that are used in mainstream products. I also learned that there is no regulation on labeling a product "natural", which makes it more difficult to find something you can actually trust.  


So, that’s when I started making my own products.


After lots of research, experimenting, and testing on family and friends, I have developed a product line that I'm proud to put my name on. In 2016, I officially launched my natural line Lavish and Lavender. The feedback I received was overwhelming. The market doesn't have a lot of products that are 100% healthy, safe and effective for the whole family. Now they do. 


Handcrafted in small batches with ingredients that are simple, pure and easy to understand. 

Make the switch, you won’t regret it.